• The only guide you need for buying an inflatable hot tub






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  • How do we pick our next inflatable hot tub ?

    There are many things to consider if you are planning to purchase an inflatable hot tub. Whether you are going to use it in the winter or summer, there are some key features to look out for when purchasing your next an inflatable hot tub. Let's take a look.



    The size is going to depend on the size of your backyard, and how many people you want to fit in the hot tub. Generally speaking, most inflatable hot tubs can fit up to 3-4 people comfortably. If you know that your kids and kids' friends will be using it a lot, then you might want to consider getting a bigger one. Remember the larger the hot tub you want, the more water, space and chemicals it will use up and it will be more expensive.



    Of course every home has backyard and you think you can just place your inflatable hot tub there right? Wrong! The space needs to be wide and flat, and measured out before you go and purchase one. The smallest hot tubs are usually 180 cm wide. However, if you realize that you put your hot tub in the wrong location, there are always easy to move. You just need to drain the water, deflate the tub and move it else where. Many people choose to put it on their backyard or back patio for privacy.


    Plug Socket

    Inflatable hot tubs come with a plug socket that needs to be plugged in, similar to any other household device. There are no fancy wires, you just have to make sure you place your inflatable hot tub near a window or door, somewhere with a plug near by.


    Hot Tub Jet Types

    This is where the fancy accessories come in! Many hot tubs have the standard ring of bubble jets towards the bottom of the tub. However, if you crave something more, you can opt for hydro-therapy which is offered in higher end hot tubs. These jets are stronger and can rotate, however they do come with a price as well, making it much more expensive than the standard jets.


    Tub Features

    Tub features are usually written on the outside of the box to attract customers. The main ones that should always be included are the pump and a heater. Sometimes hot tubs offer more component heating, which means your tub will heat up faster; great for those cold winter evenings.


    Extra Features

    Extra features can include lights, or buying a tub with a salt water system so it will chlorinate the water less and use less harsh chemicals on our skin. Some hot tubs can come with auto-timer and auto-shut off, so you never have to worry about shutting off your tub before running inside.


    Cover Type

    This is the most important accessory of the hot tub. Without a cover, snow, dirt, rain and insects can fall into your tub and it will very difficult to clean out every time. The best covers on the market are generally inflated and have a good layer of aluminum foil to reduce heat loss. Covers usually come with straps and added child safety features.



    The last thing to consider is how much you are willing to pay for the hot tub. This depends on how often you or your friends will use it, in which seasons, what features you want, and if you are going for a large luxury inflatable hot tub or a simple one for the backyard. Nevertheless, it is best to shop around online and compare prices and features so you have peace of mind purchasing this new accessory for your backyard.